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  • Ok...

  • alfredo is 1

  • Did Van Persies get disallowed?

  • UMTITI?!

  • Goll licik....gk bersifat ksatria...🤓

    • Kalo menurut aturan sih ada yg boleh,yg menurut gw, gk ksatria tu yg nyuri dari tangan

  • 0:24 Alfredo Morelos not Samuel umtiti get it right

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  • the first one doesn't look like umtiti

  • 2:33

  • Ahah ahah Morelos = Umtiti 😂😂

  • Samuel Umtiti? Could have sworn that was Morelos

  • Stupid

  • I am a noob In soccer so I have a question. Is that even allowed??

    • Oh I get it now thanks for the information

    • If the goalie puts the ball on the ground he becomes a field player and it's game on. If he has the ball in one hand or both hands or is dribbling it or attempting to punt it you cannot touch him. Period.

    • Thank you guys for answering my question. This really helped

    • Jack Deth Can I just add on something.. It also depends if the goalkeeper has both of his/her hands on the ball. If they had only one hand on the ball (without control of it) before it was stolen by the opponent and score, then the goal is accepted but if the keeper had both their hands on the ball (with control of it) and it gets taken away, the goal does not count.. If that makes sense?

    • Gabby_and_more yes that’s allowed. Goal keeper should always be aware of where players are. It’s not the most sportsmanship like play but it happens.

  • Is no one gonna talk about who steal not stole from the goal keeper

  • is that allowed

    • how lame

    • Yes if the goal keeper has one hand on the ball

    • Dragon Jai most of them yes I believe so, once it leaves the goalies hands then the ball is in play.

  • Funny, but no sportsmen

  • 😄😄😄

  • Қазақ бара

  • Фак нечестно

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  • First comment from| india |kerala| palakkad|

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