Opublikowany 6 cze 2020


  • Thinking, how can basketball player, hockey player and etc. Can kick penalty.

  • Me until now gr.11 at the first clip LOLOLOL

  • 1) these aren’t all kicks 2) it’s “funniest” not “most funny” 3) I’m not sure you can count to ten

  • 3:25 hahahaha

  • 2:07 wtf why dirk play soccer

    • yes, before basketball he was a famous soccer player in Germany.

  • Hi trend wave how r u guys and the vid was awesome

  • It should be called penalty shouts. You don't kick in hockey or basketball dummy.

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  • +++

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  • JOÃO

  • Isn't that hurt when he smack he's head of the net

  • First

  • since when free throw is a penality ick? wtf man. learn about sports before making a stucpid useless compilation

  • the tittle was penalty but the content wasnt, CMIIW

    • Developer not say penalty kick

  • Keren bro

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  • I don't get it.. Where's the penalty?

  • No I was first it glitched

  • plthrow.info/my/wideo/loZ2havQ0aybl5s.html💪

  • Hello can I have a shoutout in the next video please?

    • Miss me with your gay self promoting

  • First